USM Central™ Documentation

AT&T Cybersecurity USM Central enables you to centrally monitor multiple USM Anywhere and USM Appliance deployments through a single console.

Whether you’re looking to monitor multiple end customer environments as a Managed Service Provider (MSP) or a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP), or to monitor distributed IT environments across your enterprise, USM Central gives you the centralized visibility you need to efficiently detect and respond to threats across all of your environments.

USM Central enables you to:

  • Centrally monitor all security activity across multiple AT&T Cybersecurity USM deployments, saving significant time and resources in managing multiple security environments.

  • Deploy AT&T Cybersecurity USM to monitor your cloud, on-premises, and hybrid IT environments, as well as cloud applications like Office 365 and Okta, giving you complete threat detection coverage without having to sacrifice centralized monitoring.

  • Instantly click-through into individual AT&T Cybersecurity USM deployments from USM Central to investigate and rapidly respond to security incidents.

The USM Central documentation consists of the these topics:

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