Restore USM Appliance from a USB Drive

Applies to Product: USM Appliance™ AlienVault OSSIM®


  • Burn the corresponding ISO image to a USB drive.
  • Change the boot sequence so that USM Appliance boots from the USB.

Warning: The process deletes all the data stored in your USM Appliance.

To restore USM Appliance from the USB drive

  1. If not done already, insert the USB drive to your USM Appliance hardware appliance.
  2. Reboot USM Appliance.
  3. Select Restore AlienVault <your-Appliance-Type>.

    Customers restoring to USM Appliance versions 5.2.3 and later see the following screen:

    Restore USM confirmation screen 5.2.3

    Customers restoring to USM Appliance versions up to 5.2.2 see screen below instead:

    Restore USM confirmation screen up to 5.2.2

  4. To continue, enter y.
  5. Wait for the restoration process to complete.

    Restrore USM process running

  6. After the restoration process finishes, disconnect your USB drive before the system reboots.

    Restore USM completes

    Note: If you forget to remove it, USM Appliance will boot from the USB drive again.

    USM Appliance reboots and displays the initial login screen of the version you restore to.

  7. Login as the root user using the system-generated password displayed on the screen.
  8. Change the root user password as prompted.
  9. Reboot the system again to finish the data restoration.

    After the second reboot, the appliance is ready for you to use.

For other instructions regarding initial configurations, see USM Appliance Initial Setup.