System Overview

This is a basic overview of LevelBlue USM Appliance as it is deployed and used in your environment. Individual subjects covered in the System Overview include the following:

  • About USM Appliance — describes current risks in the business environment due to security threats and vulnerabilities, the role of risk assessment, an overview of USM Appliance security management capabilities for organizations to assess and mitigate risks, to detect threats and prioritize response, and to achieve compliance.
  • About USM Appliance System Architecture and Components — provides description of the USM Appliance architecture, including major system components and functionality.
  • USM Appliance Deployments — provides description of best practices for installation and configuration of USM Appliance.
  • Event Collection, Processing, and Correlation Workflow — describes the overall USM Appliance workflow, from collection of raw log data from networked devices to analyzing and determining risk from various threats and vulnerabilities.