Configure Log Forwarding on Commonly Used Data Sources

USM Appliance plugins process data collected from many different data sources, parsing and normalizing the data, and then saving the data as standard format events in the database. The USM Appliance Server filters events based on policies, and correlates events to trigger alarms when they match specified rules and conditions. Users can then view and analyze these events and alarms in the USM Appliance web UI.

Note: For more information about how plugins work, and how to use them, refer to USM Appliance Plugin Management.

This section provides integration information for the most commonly-used data sources supported by plugins provided in USM Appliance. For each integration, the instructions describe how to configure the data source to send log data to USM Appliance, how to select and enable the plugin in the USM Appliance web UI, and where to obtain additional configuration and troubleshooting information from the data source vendor's website.

Note: For a list of all the plugins that USM Appliance supports, see the USM Appliance Supported Plugins List. Plugins in USM Appliance are not the same as those used by USM Anywhere.