List of USM Appliance Reports

Applies to Product: USM Appliance™ LevelBlue OSSIM®

LevelBlue updates the USM Appliance reports on an on-going basis. The following table lists the reports in alphabetical order according to their category.

List of Reports
Category Report Title
Alarms Alarm Report
  Malware Alarms
Asset Asset Compliance Report
  Asset Report
  Availability Report
  Vulnerabilities Report
Compliance Application Exploits
  Business and Compliance
  DFARS Default Account Usage
  DFARS Remote Access Report
  DFARS Unencrypted Traffic
  FERPA Default Account Usage
  FERPA Remote Access Report
  FERPA Unencrypted Traffic
  FISMA Report
  GLBA: File Adds or Deletes
  GLBA: File Changes
  GLBA: Firewall User Changes
  GLBA: Group Changes
  GLBA: MAC Address Changes
  GLBA: Policy and Configuration Changes
  GLBA: Registry Changes
  GLBA: System Failed Logins
  GLBA: System Successful Logons
  GLBA: System Time Changes
  GLBA: User Account Changes
  GLBA: User Activity
  HIPAA Report
  HIPAA: Account Lockouts
  HIPAA: Account Unlock Report
  HIPAA: Authentication Failed Logins
  HIPAA: Database Failed Logons
  HIPAA: Database Successful Logons
  HIPAA: Failed Logins
  HIPAA: Failed Logon to Firewall
  HIPAA: FTP Failed Logons
  HIPAA: FTP Successful Logons
  HIPAA: List of identified ePHI assets
  HIPAA: List of identified ePHI assets with Services
  HIPAA: Password Change Status
  HIPAA: Successful Logon to Firewall
  HIPAA: System Failed Logins
  HIPAA: System Successful Logons
  ISO 27002: Accounts Locked Out
  ISO 27002: Accounts Unlocked
  ISO 27002: Active Directory Group Additions
  ISO 27002: Active Directory Group Removals
  ISO 27002: Administrative Logon
  ISO 27002: Antivirus Disabled
  ISO 27002: Antivirus Events Detected
  ISO 27002: Assets with Vulnerabilities
  ISO 27002: Database Failed Logons
  ISO 27002: Database Successful Logons
  ISO 27002: Failed Logon to Firewall
  ISO 27002: FTP Failed Logons
  ISO 27002: FTP Successful Logons
  ISO 27002: Identified Services on a Group of Systems
  ISO 27002: List of Identified Assets
  ISO 27002: Successful Logon to Firewall
  ISO 27002: System Failed Logons
  ISO 27002: System Successful Logons
  NERC CIP: IPv6 Detection
  NERC CIPv5: Antivirus Details
  NERC CIPv5: Antivirus Disabled
  NERC CIPv5: Current Vulnerabilities Report
  NERC CIPv5: Database Failed Logons
  NERC CIPv5: Database Successful Logons
  NERC CIPv5: Failed Logon to Firewall
  NERC CIPv5: File Adds or Deletes
  NERC CIPv5: File Changes
  NERC CIPv5: FTP Failed Logons
  NERC CIPv5: FTP Successful Logons
  NERC CIPv5: List of identified BES Cyber Assets
  NERC CIPv5: List of identified BES Cyber Assets with Services
  NERC CIPv5: MAC Address Changes
  NERC CIPv5: New Software Installed
  NERC CIPv5: Password Change Status
  NERC CIPv5: Registry Adds or Deletes
  NERC CIPv5: Registry Changes
  NERC CIPv5: System Failed Logins
  NERC CIPv5: System Successful Logons
  NERC CIPv5: USM Appliance User Activity
  NIST 800-171 Default Account Usage
  NIST 800-171 Remote Access Report
  NIST 800-171 Unencrypted Traffic
  PCI 2.0 Report
  PCI 3.0 Report
  PCI DSS 3.2: All Antivirus Security Risk Events
  PCI DSS 3.2: All Virus Events
  PCI DSS 3.2: Encrypted Networks Having Unencrypted APs
  PCI DSS 3.2: Access Control Device Denied
  PCI DSS 3.2: Account Lockouts
  PCI DSS 3.2: Account Unlock Report
  PCI DSS 3.2: Admin Access to Systems
  PCI DSS 3.2: Antivirus Definition Updates
  PCI DSS 3.2: Antivirus Disabled
  PCI DSS 3.2: Antivirus Failed Updates
  PCI DSS 3.2: Authentications with Default Credentials
  PCI DSS 3.2: Cloaked Wireless Networks with Uncloaked APs
  PCI DSS 3.2: Database Configuration Changes
  PCI DSS 3.2: Database Errors
  PCI DSS 3.2: Database Failed Logins
  PCI DSS 3.2: Database Successful Logins
  PCI DSS 3.2: Database Users Added
  PCI DSS 3.2: Database Users Removed
  PCI DSS 3.2: Dropped or Denied Connections
  PCI DSS 3.2: Encrypted HTTPS Connections
  PCI DSS 3.2: Encrypted VPN Client Connections Accepted
  PCI DSS 3.2: Encrypted VPN Client Connections Failed
  PCI DSS 3.2: Environment User Activity
  PCI DSS 3.2: Failed Logins
  PCI DSS 3.2: Firewall Configuration Changes
  PCI DSS 3.2: Firewall Failed Authentication
  PCI DSS 3.2: Firewall Intrusion Detection
  PCI DSS 3.2: Firewall Successful Authentication
  PCI DSS 3.2: Firewall User Changes
  PCI DSS 3.2: Group Changes
  PCI DSS 3.2: Infected Computers
  PCI DSS 3.2: Information Security Policy Compliance Checks
  PCI DSS 3.2: Information Security Policy Compliance Failed
  PCI DSS 3.2: Intrusion Detection Events
  PCI DSS 3.2: Security Device Policy Modifications
  PCI DSS 3.2: Successful Logins
  PCI DSS 3.2: Suspicious Clients on Wireless Networks
  PCI DSS 3.2: Suspicious Database Events
  PCI DSS 3.2: System Time Changes
  PCI DSS 3.2: User Management Activity
  PCI DSS 3.2: Vulnerability Details
  PCI DSS 3.2: Wireless Networks
  PCI DSS 3.2: Wireless Networks Using Weak Encryption
  PCI: File Integrity Changes
  PCI: User Management Activity
  SOX Report
Raw Logs Raw Logs
  Raw Logs: Access
  Raw Logs: Alarm
  Raw Logs: Alert
  Raw Logs: Anomaly Detection
  Raw Logs: Antivirus
  Raw Logs: Application
  Raw Logs: Application Firewall
  Raw Logs: Applications
  Raw Logs: Authentication
  Raw Logs: Authentication and DHCP
  Raw Logs: Availability
  Raw Logs: Data Protection
  Raw Logs: Database
  Raw Logs: Denial of Service
  Raw Logs: Exploit
  Raw Logs: Firewall
  Raw Logs: Honeypot
  Raw Logs: Info
  Raw Logs: Infrastructure Monitoring
  Raw Logs: Intrusion Detection
  Raw Logs: Intrusion Prevention
  Raw Logs: Inventory
  Raw Logs: Mail Security
  Raw Logs: Mail Server
  Raw Logs: Malware
  Raw Logs: Management Platform
  Raw Logs: Network
  Raw Logs: Network Discovery
  Raw Logs: Operating System
  Raw Logs: Other Devices
  Raw Logs: Policy
  Raw Logs: Proxy
  Raw Logs: Reconnaissance
  Raw Logs: Router/Switch
  Raw Logs: Server
  Raw Logs: Suspicious
  Raw Logs: System
  Raw Logs: Unified threat management
  Raw Logs: Voip
  Raw Logs: VPN
  Raw Logs: Vulnerability Scanner
  Raw Logs: Web Server
  Raw Logs: Wireless
  Raw Logs: Wireless Security/Management
Security Events Activity from OTX Pulses
  Activity with OTX IP Reputation Information
  Database Activity
  Events by Data Source
  Events by Product Type
  Events by Source Category
  Geographic Report
  Security Events: Access
  Security Events: Account Changes
  Security Events: Admin Access
  Security Events: Alarm
  Security Events: Alert
  Security Events: Anomaly Detection
  Security Events: Antivirus
  Security Events: Application
  Security Events: Application Firewall
  Security Events: Applications
  Security Events: Authentication
  Security Events: Authentication and DHCP
  Security Events: Availability
  Security Events: Data Protection
  Security Events: Database
  Security Events: Denial of Service
  Security Events: Exploit
  Security Events: Firewall
  Security Events: Honeypot
  Security Events: Impacts
  Security Events: Info
  Security Events: Infrastructure Monitoring
  Security Events: Intrusion Detection
  Security Events: Intrusion Prevention
  Security Events: Inventory
  Security Events: Mail Security
  Security Events: Mail Server
  Security Events: Malware
  Security Events: Management Platform
  Security Events: Network
  Security Events: Network Discovery
  Security Events: Operating System
  Security Events: Other Devices
  Security Events: Policy
  Security Events: Proxy
  Security Events: Reconnaissance
  Security Events: Report
  Security Events: Router/Switch
  Security Events: Server
  Security Events: Suspicious
  Security Events: System
  Security Events: Unified threat management
  Security Events: User Activity
  Security Events: VoIP
  Security Events: VPN
  Security Events: Vulnerability Scanner
  Security Events: Web Server
  Security Events: Wireless
  Security Events: Wireless Security/Management
  Unique Signatures by Data Source
  Unique Signatures by Product Type
  Unique Signatures by Source Category
  Honeypot Activity
  Policy and Configuration Changes
  Security Operations Report
Tickets Ticket Report
  Ticket Status
User Activity User Activity