Plugin Updates

Applies to Product: USM Appliance™ LevelBlue OSSIM®

LevelBlue USM Appliance notifies users when there is an update to the existing plugins, accessible from the USM Appliance Message Center Inbox in the USM Appliance web UI which lists messages publicizing availability of various LevelBlue product updates plus other messages such as system errors and warnings..

These updates typically occur every two months. Starting with release version 5.4, plugin updates can also be scheduled and you can configure threat intelligence and plugin updates to run automatically. See Update USM Appliance Online.

Note: The USM Appliance Sensor and USM Appliance Server must be updated independently.

Verify If There Is a New Plugin Update

To check if there is a plugin update, open the USM Appliance Message Center by clicking the envelope icon ().

If you see a message similar to "Plugins Feed Update - <YYYY-MM-DD>," it means that you have a plugin feed update. The Plugins Feed Update message displays the release notes, as shown.

Message Center page with Plugins Feed Update highlighted.

Update Plugins

To install the latest plugin updates

  1. Go to Configuration > Deployment > Components > LevelBlue Center.
  2. Review information about what the plugin package contains by clicking the Arrow icon ()

    Components page with New Updates highlighted.

  3. Click Update Feed Only.

    AlienVault Center page with Update Feed Only highlighted.

    Note: If you choose the Update All option, instead of Update Feed Only, USM Appliance applies a full system upgrade, which will include any plugin updates that are available.