Customize and Develop New Plugins

Applies to Product: USM Appliance™ AlienVault OSSIM®

AlienVault provides a large number of plugins as part of its default installation. In most environments this should cover the external applications and devices that you want to integrate. However, sometimes you may need a plugin with special properties or handling of events. Customizing a plugin refers to repurposing a particular type of existing plugin to better suit your needs. In most cases, customization does not change the plugin type.

Developing a plugin refers to creating a new plugin from scratch, typically to collect event from a particular device type for which no plugin currently exists. To create a new plugin, you can edit and configure all the plugin's configuration and regex settings by hand, or you can use the plugin builder wizard built into the USM Appliance web UI to simplify the process.

This section provides more information using each of these methods of customizing or creating new USM Appliance plugins.

Topics included in this section are