Disabling High Availability

Applies to Product: USM Appliance™ LevelBlue OSSIM®

About Disabling HA in Network Nodes

You must disable HA components in the following order:

USM Appliance Standard USM Appliance Enterprise
1. Logger pair

1. Logger pair

2. Server pair 2. Server pair
3. Sensor pair 3. Database pair

4. Sensor pair

About Disabling HA in Components Not Configured for It

If you have any USM Appliance Standard or Enterprise Sensors that you did not configure for HA, you must still run the HA disablement command on them after you disable HA in the USM Appliance Standard or Enterprise Server pair. This removes any firewall rules created when HA was configured.

Important: If you fail to do this, you can introduce a vulnerability into the network.

Disabling HA in a Failover Pair

To disable HA in a failover pair

1. Log into the secondary (slave) node and launch the LevelBlue console.

2. In the LevelBlue Setup Main menu, select Jailbreak System, press Enter (<OK>), then Enter (<Yes>) again.

3. From the command line prompt, disable HA:

alienvault-ha-assistant -d

4. Exit the command line mode:


5. In the primary (master) node, repeat steps 1. through 4.

6. Exit the command line mode:


7. Repeat the foregoing steps for all of the component pairs in your HA deployment the previously mentioned order.