USM Anywhere™

Creating Credentials

Role Availability Read-Only Analyst   Manager

USM Anywhere enables you to assign credentials to your assets. If the required credential set is not yet defined in USM Anywhere, you must add it before you can associate it with one or more assets. The Credentials page displays a list of all credential sets that are defined and available to be associated with an assetAn IP-addressable host, including but not limited to network devices, virtual servers, and physical servers. or asset groupAsset groups are administratively created objects that group similar assets for specific purposes..

To add a new credential

  1. Go to Settings > Credentials.

    Credentials main page

  2. Click New Credentials.

    The Add New Credential dialog box opens.

    Add a new credential set for system-level access to USM Anywhere assets

  3. Enter a name for the credential in the Name field and, if desired, a description to clarify its use in the Description field.
  4. In Credential Type, select SSHProgram to securely log into another computer over a network, execute commands in a remote machine, and move files from one machine to another through Secure Copy (SCP). or Windows RM based on the operating systemSoftware that manages computer hardware resources and provides common services for computer programs. Examples include Microsoft Windows, Macintosh OS X, UNIX, and Linux. of the asset.

  5. Click Save.