Applying Actions to Vulnerabilities

Role Availability Read-Only Investigator Analyst Manager

USM Anywhere enables you to respond to the vulnerability A known issue or weakness in a system, procedure, internal control, software package, or hardware that could be used to compromise security.. Use this button to launch an authenticated scan Authenticated scans are performed from inside the machine using a user account with appropriate privileges. of an asset An IP-addressable host, including but not limited to network devices, virtual servers, and physical servers.. You need to select the sensor Sensors are deployed into an on-premises, cloud, or multi-cloud environment to collect logs and other security-related data. This data is normalized and then securely forwarded to USM Anywhere for analysis and correlation., if you have more than one installed in your environment, and then indicate the asset to scan.

To apply an action to a vulnerability

  1. Go to Environment > Vulnerabilities.
  2. Search for the vulnerability for which you want to launch an authenticated scan.
  3. Click the vulnerability.
  4. The vulnerability details dialog box opens with the information about the specific vulnerability.

    Details of a vulnerability

  5. Click Select Action.

    A dialog box opens, but depending on the sensor installed in your environment and the advanced BlueApps available for that or those sensors, you can see a different dialog box with different options. See Advanced BlueApps for more information.

    Select an action of a vulnerability

    Select an action of a vulnerability

  6. Depending on the selected option, you should fill in different fields.
  7. Click Run.