USM Anywhere™

Scheduling User Discovery Jobs from the Job Scheduler Page

Role Availability Read-Only Analyst   Manager

The Job Scheduler page provides a list of all jobs that are defined in your USM Anywhere environment. Many jobs are predefined (out-of-the-box) items for log collectionOperation in which sensors receive log files from remote hosts and then, using AlienApps, parse and normalize the raw data contained in the logs., user, and assetAn IP-addressable host, including but not limited to network devices, virtual servers, and physical servers. scans, and some of these require enablement to run according to the defined schedule. You can also define your own custom jobs to schedule automatic log collection, user scans, asset scans, and asset groupAsset groups are administratively created objects that group similar assets for specific purposes. scans, as well as jobs to perform AlienAppAlienApps extend the threat detection and security orchestration capabilities of the USM Anywhere platform to other security tools that your IT team uses, providing a consolidated approach to threat detection and response. functionality.

User Behavior Analysis Standard Jobs

There are a number of apps in USM Anywhere that support the creation of scheduled jobs for user behavior monitoring.