Executing a Playbook

Role Availability Read-Only Investigator Analyst Manager

Each playbook comprises one or more actions, which are associated with one or more alarms in USM Anywhere. When an alarm associated with a configured playbook is triggered users will have the option to run that playbook, executing any or all of the actions within it. Once an action is executed that playbook is considered In Progress. Once all of a playbook's actions have been executed, the playbook is considered Complete.

Note: You can view all of your In Progress playbooks in the Playbooks In Progress dashboard, and view a history of all of your executed playbooks in the Playbooks History page. A list of all playbooks created in your instance can be found in the My Playbooks page.

How to execute a playbook

  1. Go to Activity > Alarms and select an alarm to open its detail pane.
    This must be an alarm generated from an alarm rule associated with a playbook, unless you have configured playbooks that apply to all alarms.

  2. Click the Run Playbook drop-down to open a list of all playbooks available for that alarm.
    A popup will open and list all of the actions in the playbook you selected.
    Click Run Playbook from any alarm with a playbook associated to execute one or more of the actions within that playbook.

Note: If this drop-down is not shown, then there are no playbooks available for the alarm.

  1. Click Run Action to execute the current action. Since actions are configured sequentially, actions can only be executed in order.

    • If this playbook has not yet been executed for this alarm, only the first action will be available.

    • If the playbook is already in progress for this alarm, the next action that has not yet been run will be available.

    Important: If the playbook includes any manual actions, you will have to manually execute the step or steps described in that action. Once you have completed the steps this action describes, use the button to mark it Completed.

    Once you have executed an action, you will see a notification message in the top right of your USM Anywhere screen indicating whether the action was successfully executed. If so, the status of that action will change to Completed and the next action's Run Action button will be enabled.

  2. (Optional.) Continue executing the remaining actions in this playbook.

    If the Run Playbook popup is closed before all actions are successfully executed, the playbook is considered In Progress.

  3. Once all actions in a playbook are successfully executed, the playbook is considered Completed.