Activity on Investigations

Role Availability Read-Only Investigator Analyst Manager

This is an informative section, which enables you to see in chronological order every modification of the investigation.

Details of a case investigation, activity section

This section displays this information:

  • Type of action that has been done. These actions can be:
    Activity: Type of Action
    Type of ActionDescription
    Attachment createdA new file is added to the investigation.
    Attachment deletedA file is removed from the investigation.
    Attachment updatedA file from the investigation has been updated.
    Evidence linkedAn alarm or event has been linked to the investigation.
    Evidence unlinkedAn alarm or event has been unlinked from the investigation.
    Investigation createdThe user has created the investigation.
    Investigation deletedThe user has removed the investigation.
    Investigation updatedThe user has updated the investigation.
    Note CreatedA note is created.
    Note DeletedA note is deleted.
    Note UpdatedA note is updated.
  • Email of the person who has made a change.
  • Date on which the action was made. The displayed date depends on your computer's time zone.