USM Anywhere™

Viewing USM Anywhere Dashboards

Role Availability Read-Only Analyst Manager

USM Anywhere includes a set of dashboards that display data collected from your network. Dashboards are visible if you have data for them. Sometimes it takes a few minutes for the dashboards to display.

Note: There are dashboards related to the AlienAppAlienApps extend the threat detection and security orchestration capabilities of the USM Anywhere platform to other security tools that your IT team uses, providing a consolidated approach to threat detection and response. you have configured, which are visible if you have data for them. See USM Anywhere AlienApps Guide for more information.

Important: If there are events from the last seven days, then you can see the related dashboard. When there are no events from the previous seven days, that dashboard doesn't display.

In the Primary Menu, under Dashboards, you can find these options: