Google G Suite Drive Dashboard

Role Availability Read-Only Investigator Analyst Manager

Depending on the USM Anywhere Sensor you have installed, the widgets might be visible in the Google G Suite Drive dashboard. This dashboard displays data when the G Suite Drive data source has been configured. See BlueApp for G Suite for more information.

G Suite Drive Dashboard

Widgets in the Google G Suite Audit Dashboard
Widgets Description
Top Events List of top events detected by Google G Suite Audit.
Resource Type Pie chart displaying, in percentages the type of resource in Google G Suite Audit.
Top Category List of the top Google G Suite Audit category.
User Activity List of the 5 users that have more activity in Google G Suite Audit.
Top File Names List of the top 5 file names in Google G Suite Audit.
Activity Graph that displays the activity in Google G Suite Audit by periods of time.