Running Asset Scans Using a BlueApp

Role Availability Read-Only Investigator Analyst Manager

USM Anywhere enables you to select an asset and run an asset scan through an BlueApp.

The asset for which you are scanning must be visible by the sensor through the network. This means that both the sensor and the asset should be able to see each other through at least Layer 3 (network) protocols. If the sensor and the asset are in the same network segment (Layer 2), use Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) requests to discover the asset.

USM Anywhere Sensor sends ARP, Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP), and TCP requests to discover hosts on the network to which the sensor is connected. A new asset is created if the sensor receives an acknowledgment from any of the previously mentioned protocols.

To run an asset scan through an BlueApp

  1. Go to Environment > Assets.
  2. Complete one of these options to open the Select Scan Action dialog box:
    • Next to the asset name that you want to scan, click the icon, select Full Details, and then select Actions > Scan with BlueApp.
    • Next to the asset name that you want to scan, click the icon that you want to scan, and then select Scan with BlueApp.

    The Select Scan Action dialog box opens.

    Select Scan Action Dialog Box

    Important: The available BlueApps on this dialog box are those that have been configured with the Asset Discovery capability. See Advanced BlueApps for more information.

  3. Select one of the options.

    These are the options you can see in the example:

  4. Fill out the details for the scan action you selected.
  5. Click Run.