AlienVault® USM Anywhere™

The AlienVault Agent

USM Anywhere enables you to deploy agents on your assets. Through an agent you can monitor locally connected end user hosts and servers in cloud and on-premise environments.

When a deployed agent does not have an associated asset, you must make this association in USM Anywhere in order to enable queries and log collection for the host system. The Agents page displays an alert when there are one or more unassociated assets and provides tools designed to help you associate these agents with assets. It provides a list of suggested assets for selection and an easy way to create a new asset using the information provided by the agent. In case you have agents that are not associated with any asset, see Agent and Asset Associations.

Important: You need to install the USM Anywhere Agent and deploy it. See AlienVault Agent Installation on Linux Hosts and AlienVault Agent Installation on Windows Hosts.

Note: Go to Dashboards > AlienVault Agent to open the dashboard related to the Agent. See AlienVault Agent Dashboard

Note: Go to Reports > Event Type Templates if you want to generate reports related to the AlienVault Agent. See USM Anywhere Event Type Templates

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