BlueApp for Office 365

With the BlueApp for Office 365, you can monitor all of your Microsoft Office 365 cloud applications, track user activity, and receive alerts in USM Anywhere for suspicious and malicious activity in your environment. This integration gives you the ability to collect additional information about your environment and what your users are doing, which drives investigation and incident response processes.

The BlueApp for Office 365 supports the following features:

Note: If you're a Microsoft Windows user and want to include Office 365 logs in your USM Anywhere environment but don’t yet use Azure, you’ll need to sign up for an Azure subscription. The subscription is required to connect to the APIs that access your Office 365 environment.

It is not required that you deploy the USM Anywhere Azure Sensor to use the BlueApp for Office 365. You can use any deployed sensor for the BlueApp connection.

Warning: If the BlueApp fails and you receive a message informing you that it has not been loaded, please contact LevelBlue Technical Support to solve the problem.

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