BlueApp for G Suite

With the BlueApp for G Suite, you can monitor your Google G Suite (formerly known as Google Apps) activity and detect threats directly from USM Anywhere, providing a single pane of glass for all your security monitoring and compliance needs. This integration gives you the ability to collect this information, extending USM Anywhere threat detection capabilities to Google Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Drive (Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, and Google Forms).

Important: All G Suite environments include access to the Google Drive Activity API, which provides the basic G Suite audit log data. However, only G Suite Enterprise or G Suite Business include access to the Reports API, which provides to the advanced G Suite log data. If you are a G Suite Basic customer, you cannot collect log data for Google Drive.

See their Google Support site for more information about the differences between the G Suite editions.

Warning: If the BlueApp fails and you receive a message informing you that it has not been loaded, please contact LevelBlue Technical Support to solve the problem.

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