Custom BlueApps and Log Parsers

In addition to the many BlueApps offered by USM Anywhere, LevelBlue offers you the option of configuring an advanced BlueApp custom to your resources and the way you use them. With custom BlueApps, you can better monitor activity in your environment according to your needs. Custom BlueApps enable you to collect and analyze log data from any third-party applications your environment relies upon and gives you ultimate granularity to configure precisely how USM Anywhere should view and process your data.

You can also create a custom log parser. Custom log parsers are designed to parse logs from any application that uses Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) or syslog authentication and for which USM Anywhere does not already provide a BlueApp.

Like regular advanced BlueApps, your custom BlueApp or log collector enables you to do the following:

Note: Although custom BlueApps are flexible, not every third-party tool is currently supported. Differences in standards, vendor implementation, authentication methods, and more may limit which third-party apps can be connected using a custom BlueApps.

Edition: The ability to create a custom BlueApp or log collector is available in the Standard and Premium editions of USM Anywhere. See the Affordable pricing to fit every budget page for more information about the features and support provided by each of the USM Anywhere editions.