Accessing USM Anywhere Tickets in ConnectWise Manage

With a successful connection to your ConnectWise Manage environment, the BlueApp for ConnectWise provides a scheduled job to update the ConnectWise Manage ticket database to reflect the alarms Alarms provide notification of an event or sequence of events that require attention or investigation. and vulnerabilities A known issue or weakness in a system, procedure, internal control, software package, or hardware that could be used to compromise security. identified by USM Anywhere. You can manage these service tickets in the ConnectWise Manage user interface (UI) according to your established practices.

When the status for an alarm or vulnerability changes to cleared in USM Anywhere, the next execution of the job updates the status of the associated ticket to closed in ConnectWise Manage. Because this job runs every 5 minutes, there will be a delay to see the change in the ConnectWise Manage UI.

Important: Currently, changing the status of the service ticket in ConnectWise Manage does not result in a status change for the related alarm or vulnerability in USM Anywhere.

ConnectWise Manage provides multiple ways to access service tickets for your customers. The following procedure outlines one of the most common methods for investigating service tickets for a managed company.

To access USM Anywhere-generated tickets in the ConnectWise Manage UI

  1. In ConnectWise Manage, open the page for the managed company (customer).
  2. Click the Service tab.
  3. Hover the cursor over the displayed alarm and vulnerability items to view information high-level information provided by USM Anywhere.

    Display descriptive information for the service ticket

  4. Select the alarm or vulnerability item in the list to open the ticket.

    Access service tickets for the managed company in the Manage UI

  5. Review the detailed information for the service ticket.

    As you scroll through the page, you can make changes so that your team can address the issue.

    Review and update the service ticket generated by USM Anywhere