BlueApp for Office 365 Actions

The BlueApp for Office 365 provides a set of orchestration actions that you can use to integrate your BlueApp for Office 365 in your USM Anywhere environment. The following table lists the available actions from the BlueApp.

Actions for the BlueApp for Office 365
Action Description
Scan Audit. General Events Run this action to scan Audit.General content from events
Disable User Account from Event/Alarm/Investigation Run this action to disable a user account from an event, alarm, or investigation
Disable User Account from Rule Run this action to disable a user account from a rule
Enable User Account Run this action to enable a user account from a rule, event, alarm, or investigation

To view information about these actions in USM Anywhere

  1. In USM Anywhere, go to Data Sources > BlueApps.
  2. Click the Available Apps tab.
  3. Search for the BlueApp, and then click the tile.
  4. Click the Actions tab to display information for the supported actions.
  5. Click the History tab to display information about the executed orchestration actions.

Launch Actions from Alarms, Events, or Investigations

You can launch an action directly from alarms, events, or investigations. If you want to apply an action to similar events that occur in the future, you can also create orchestration rules directly from the action applied to an alarm, event, or investigation.

To launch an BlueApp for Office 365 response action for an alarm, event, or investigation

  1. Go to Activity > Alarms, Activity > Events, or Investigations.
  2. Click the alarm, event, or investigation to open the details.
  3. Click Select Action.
  4. In the Select Action dialog box, select Run BlueApp for Office 365 Action.

  5. Select the app action and fill out the fields that are populated below.

  6. Click Run.

    After USM Anywhere initiates the action for an alarm or event, it displays a confirmation dialog box.

    If you want to create a rule to apply the action to similar items that occur in the future, click Create rule for similar investigations, Create rule for similar alarms, or Create rule for similar events and define the new rule. If not, click OK.