BlueApp for MobileIron Threat Defense User Behavior Analytics (UBA)

The BlueApp for MobileIron Threat Defense can pull user records to enrich USM Anywhere user behavior analytics (UBA). When MobileIron users are detected by the BlueApp for MobileIron Threat Defense, their data will be used to enrich related events and alarms. In addition, you can configure orchestration rules and take actions based on these users and their activity.

To view information about these users in USM Anywhere

  1. In USM Anywhere, go to Environment > Users.

  2. Click the carrot next to any username and select Full User Details to view that user's information.
    The Full User Details page opens, displaying all of the accounts, alarms, and events related to this user.

  3. Under the Accounts tab, click the button to view the device details for all devices associated with a particular user account.

  4. Click the Actions button, and then Advanced AlienApp Actions to run available orchestration actions directly from this user's page.

See User Behavior Analytics (UBA) to read more about USM Anywhere UBA functionality.