AlienVault® USM Anywhere™

Configuring the AlienApp for Cloudflare

Role Availability Read-Only Analyst Manager

Cloudflare Enterprise customers have access to the Cloudflare Logs service, which is a REpresentational State Transfer (REST) API used to consume request logs over HTTP. This REST API includes a method for accessing a domain’s request logs using a client API key.

When the AlienApp for Cloudflare is enabled and connected to your Cloudflare Enterprise service, the predefined, scheduled job collects log data from Cloudflare every 20 minutes. After USM Anywhere collects and analyzes the first of these events, you can view them in the Events page.

Getting Your Cloudflare API Key

Before you can use the AlienApp for Cloudflare to collect and analyze Cloudflare log data within USM Anywhere, you must have an API key that can be used to connect to your Cloudflare service. Cloudflare issues an API key for a specific user account and all requests with that key act on behalf of that user.

To acquire the API key for Cloudflare

  1. Go to and follow the vendor instructions to access the key.
  2. Copy the key value to be entered in USM Anywhere.

Enabling the AlienApp for Cloudflare API Connection

After you have your Cloudflare API key value, you're ready to enable the AlienApp for Cloudflare in USM Anywhere.

  1. In USM Anywhere, go to Data Sources > Integrations.
  2. Click the AlienApps tab.

    Available Apps tab

  3. On the AlienApps page, click the Cloudflare tile.

    Click the Cloudflare tile

    The Status tab is displayed, but the status information indicates an unconfigured state.

  4. If you have more than one deployed USM Anywhere Sensor, select the sensor that you want to use for the enabled AlienApp.

    AlienApps operate through a deployed sensor and use APIs to integrate with the connected third-party technology. Select the sensor that can access the integration endpoint. The HTTPS connections to the API will originate from this sensor, so it is important to make sure the sensor has network access to the AlienApp API endpoints.

  5. If the app is not already enabled, click Enable to activate the app for the sensor.
  6. Click the Settings tab.
  7. Enter the connection information for your Cloudflare service:

    Configure the Cloudflare app's settings

    • Email: Enter the email for the Cloudflare user account to use for API authentication.
    • Cloudflare API Key: Click Change Cloudflare API Key and enter the API key value associated with that user account.
    • Zones: (Optional.) If you want to limit the zones your app pulls data from, list the IDs you do want the app to pull from here. To pull from all zones, leave this field blank or enter "all".
  8. Click Save.
  9. Click the Status tab to verify the connection.

    If the icon appears, there is a problem with the connection. The Message column provides information about the issue. Repeat the steps to fix the configuration or troubleshoot your Cloudflare connection.