Advanced BlueApps Best Practices

USM Anywhere provides you with the opportunity to extend your security capabilities through integrations with a wide variety of advanced BlueApps. To ensure proper functioning, it is important that the association between BlueApps and sensors is adequately handled to avoid errors and duplication of assets and events. Therefore, LevelBlue recommends the following best practice guidelines for proper configuration of your BlueApps.

Best Practice on Associating BlueApps with a Sensor

When configuring your BlueApp, it is recommended to associate it with no more than one sensor. If you connect your advanced AlienApp to multiple sensors you risk the same information being collected multiple times, which can result in the duplication of assets and events. Ensuring that each asset is associated in a one-to-one relationship will result in accurate asset and event reporting.

If this is not possible and you must associate an BlueApp with more than one sensor, apply a different set of BlueApp console credentials to each sensor.

Best Practice on Moving BlueApp Configuration Between Sensors

In the event that you need to move your BlueApp configuration from one sensor to another, you should first move all of the assets created and detected by the BlueApp from the old sensor to the new sensor before setting up your configuration on the new sensor. Once moved, these assets will then be discoverable by the new sensor.

See Editing Assets for more information on how to move assets to a new sensor.