Open Threat Exchange®

Subscribing and Unsubscribing to a Pulse

Subscribing to a publicly-created pulse allows automatic export of its raw data to the security tools you use to monitor security in your environment (provided you have configured your security tools to connect with OTX). To subscribe to a pulse:

1. Launch the OTX user interface from and log in.

2. From the OTX Activity feed, perform either of the following operations to locate a pulse:

  • Scroll through the pulse activity feed to find a pulse you want to subscribe to.
  • Perform a search for a pulse from the Browse page.

OTX search results display

You can also click on a pulse and subscribe from either the pulse summary or detail views.

Pulse display from OTX search results

The Subscribe link toggles to Unsubscribe.

To unsubscribe to a pulse, you can simple click the Unsubscribe link for the subscribed pulse.

Note: When you unsubscribe from a pulse, you still receive information about the threat in your OTX pulse activity feed, but no raw data is pulled into your security tools for correlation and generation of alarms. You might consider unsubscribing to a pulse if it is creating too much noise and generating too many false positive alarms in USM Appliance or whatever security monitoring tools your organization is using.