Open Threat Exchange®

Subscribing to or Following OTX Contributors

You may also subscribe to or follow public OTX contributors, in addition to subscribing to individual pulses. The difference between subscribing to and following a contributor is that:

  • Subscribing to an OTX member or contributor directs OTX to send all of the contributor’s pulses or IOCs to the tools used to monitor security in your environment. In the case of USM Appliance or AlienVault OSSIM, this update of OTX data occurs automatically every 15 minutes.
  • Pulse and IOC contributions from an OTX member or contributor you subscribe to automatically appear in your OTX pulse activity feed, and you also receive emails every time they update one of their pulses or when they create a new pulse.
  • Following an OTX member or contributor directs OTX to show a followed member’s pulses within your activity feed, but not to send raw data from their contributions to the security tools deployed in your environment (using the OTX DirectConnect API). Following an OTX contributor is the right approach if you only want to view a member’s pulse contributions in the OTX user interface, not automatically sending them to your security monitoring and management environment.
  • Note: After subscribing to a pulse, you can also always unsubscribe from the pulse, if it is creating too much noise and generating too many false positive alarms in USM Appliance or whatever security monitoring tools your organization is using. When you unsubscribe from a pulse, you still receive information about the threat in your pulse activity feed, but no raw data is pulled into your security tools for correlation and generation of alarms.

To subscribe to or follow an OTX Contributor

1. Click the username of the OTX contributor to whom you want to subscribe. You can do that from one of several different locations:

  • Pulse summary or detail display on the Home or Browse pages.
  • The avatar from the Top 5 Contributors or Recommended People to Follow on the OTX Home page.
  • The Users display on the Browse page.

After choosing a user from one of these displays, the OTX user interface displays the selected user’s profile in the left-side panel.

Member user profile display page

In the main display area on the right, the OTX user interface provides a series of tab selections to view related information about the selected user: Pulses the user has already contributed, Groups the user belongs to, members that are following the user, who the user is following, members who are subscribers, and those the user has subscribed to.

2. In the left-side pane, click the Subscribe or Follow button to, respectively, subscribe to or follow the selected user.

In addition to subscribing to or following an OTX member, you can click the Profile button to view more information about a specific member. In addition, the OTX user interface displays statistics about the member’s contributions to date, and their respective followers and subscribers.