Open Threat Exchange®

Reviewing Your Account Settings

Once you’ve logged into the OTX user interface, you can click the Settings (Setting icon ) icon to view your user profile and also access the Settings page, which contains your OTX account data.

Settings page display

Selecting the View Profile option displays a web page in which you can see information about pulses you’ve viewed or contributed. You can also see the interaction you’ve had with other group members and subscribers, members you are following, and members who are following your pulse contributions.

Subscribed member display

Selecting the Settings option displays the Settings page.

OTX Settings page display

From this page, you can perform the following tasks:

  • Change your OTX password.
  • Control the types of notifications you receive in email.
  • Access your OTX account key, used to:
    • Connect OTX to your USM Appliance or AlienVault OSSIM installation.
    • Establish connections with the OTX DirectConnect API, or one of its plug-ins, such as the DirectConnect Bro-IDS Agent.
  • Update or add an email address. See Updating or Adding a New Email Address.
  • Personalize your OTX avatar. See Personalizing Your Avatar.

Updating or Adding a New Email Address

This procedure describes how to update or add an email address, and how to make a new one primary.

To change your email address or to add a new one

1. Click the Settings ( ) icon at the upper-right and select the Settings option.

2. Under Account Settings, click Add E-Mail.

3. In the Enter New Email Address field, type the new or corrected email address. OTX sends an email message, which contains a confirmation link, to the email address you just entered.

4. Click the link to go to the confirmation page.

5. Click Confirm.

You will now see the new email address in the Account Settings display, in addition to previous email addresses.

6. (Optional) To remove the previous email address, or just make a new entry the primary email address, click Make Primary next to the email you just added.

The previous email address moves on top of the newly added email address, and two buttons, Make Primary and Remove, display next to it. Verified Primary now displays under the new email address.

7. (Optional) To delete the previous email address, click Remove.

Personalizing Your Avatar

OTX creates a default avatar for all new users. If you want to change your avatar, you can upload an image of your choosing.

To change your OTX avatar image

1. Click the Settings ( ) icon at the upper-right and select the Settings option.

2. Move your cursor over the avatar image and click Edit when that link appears just below the image.

3. In the Change Avatar pop-up dialog box, click Choose File, then click Browse, and navigate to a new JPG or PNG file to upload.

4. Select the file and click Open, then click Save in the Change Avatar dialog box.

The updated avatar icon will now be displayed in your user profile and included in any comments and activities you participate in, when logged into OTX.