Open Threat Exchange®

The OTX Home Page Pulse Activity Display

After successfully logging in, OTX displays the OTX Home page as shown below.

OTX Home page

The OTX Home page provides a top row of main menu selections, Home (), Browse, Create Pulse, and Search ( ). On the far-right side of the menu bar, the OTX UI displays your username and two additional menu choices, Settings ( ) and Help ( ).

Main Activity Feed

The main, middle portion of the display provides an activity feed or stream of OTX pulses. At the top of this stream, the OTX user interface provides three main tab selections to display results for Pulses, Activity, and Suggested Edits.

By default, OTX displays all OTX pulses and contributions from members you’ve already been following or have subscribed to, plus those originating from the Alien Labs, AlienVault’s internal threat research team. Besides the short results displayed for each pulse, you can click on a specific pulse in the results list, to view more detailed information about the pulse, additional attributes, and indicators of compromiseAn artifact observed with some degree of confidence to be an indication of a threat or intrusion. (IOCs) for the pulse.

Note: The Home page activity feed displays pulses both for contributors you are following, as well as pulses you are subscribing to. When you subscribe to a contributor’s pulse contributions, all of the subscribed contributors’ pulses and IOCs are also downloaded into your local security monitoring environment, such as USM Appliance or AlienVault OSSIM (when you have configured the OTX API for such integration). See OTX Data with External Security Monitoring Systems for more information on integrating OTX with specific USM Appliance, AlienVault OSSIM, or other third-party security platforms using the AlienVault DirectConnect API.

Home Page — Left Side Panel

A left side panel provides a summary of your current user profile including basic statistics on pulses you are monitoring, OTX members and groups whose contributions you have subscribed to or are following, members who are following your contributions, and so on.

Left-side panel of OTX web page display

In this panel, you can click the Find a Group link or the Plus ( ) button to find and join other groups of OTX users that you may share interests with. You can choose options to Join an Existing Group, Join a Private Group, or Create a Group.

Note: Joining groups means you will get alerts when pulses are added, and you can retrieve pulses more easily into a SIEM solution using the OTX DirectConnect API. Some groups are private, so pulses contributed from those groups can only be viewed if you are a member.

In the left-side panel, you can click the Profile ( ) button to view pulses sorted, in order, by different categories.

OTX profile page display

By default, the result list shows pulses across all categories. From the tab menu bar, you can select to view pulses by categories such as by Groups (N), Followers (N), Following (N), Subscribers (N), and Subscribing (N).

Home Page — Right Side Panel

The right-side of the main display provides some quick selection options to display pulses for either top or recommended OTX contributors.

OTX web page right-side display

You can mouse over the contributor avatar icons to see the name of individual contributors. Clicking on any avatar brings up a display of the pulses submitted by the contributor you selected.