Open Threat Exchange®

OTX Data with External Security Monitoring Systems

You can easily leverage OTX threat intelligence within your own security monitoring and management systems and tools, including USM ApplianceUSM Appliance integrates five essential capabilities — Asset Discovery, Vulnerability Assessment, Threat Detection, Behavioral Monitoring, and Security Intelligence — into a comprehensive security and threat management solution. or AlienVault OSSIMAlienVault OSSIM®, AlienVault’s Open Source Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) product, provides you with a feature-rich open source SIEM complete with event collection, normalization, and correlation. Launched by security engineers because of the lack of available open source products, AlienVault OSSIM was created specifically to address the reality many security professionals face: A SIEM, whether it is open source or commercial, is virtually useless without the basic security controls necessary for security visibility., by taking advantage of the AlienVault OTX DirectConnect API and DirectConnect SDK. You can connect to the OTX API using DirectConnect Agents available for a number of specific products and third party tools. If you have an USM Appliance/AlienVault OSSIM installation, you can get the benefits of the DirectConnect API immediately simply by entering your OTX API key from the USM Appliance OTX Configuration web page.

Topics covered in this section include