Open Threat Exchange®

Contributing to OTX

As an OTX community member, you can contribute to OTX in several different ways:

  • You can comment on pulses contributed by other OTX members.
  • When you have installed AlienVault USM Appliance™, you can opt in to let USM Appliance share with OTX any IP Reputation event data generated from within your own system environment. OTX can then use that information to reevaluate IP Reputation severity levels that can then affect the issuing of USM Appliance correlation directives.

Note: All data contributed to OTX whether individually or through USM Appliance are completely voluntary and anonymous. No data submitted to OTX through USM Appliance can be used to identify any of the following:

  • Any individual
  • Any individual system's data
  • Any individual system's internal IP traffic

When you have installed USM Appliance and you also choose to contribute to OTX, USM Appliance data shared with OTX may only include the following:

Note: You can choose to stop sharing data with OTX at any time by going to the USM Appliance configuration page (Configuration > Open Threat Exchange).