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Accessing the OTX DirectConnect SDK

If a DirectConnect agent or connector that works with your particular product, tool, or environment is not available, you can make connections to the OTX API or develop a connector of your own, using the OTX DirectConnect SDK, available from the AT&T Alien Labs™ GitHub library.

The DirectConnect SDK provides support for development of DirectConnect agents or connectors for the following programming environments:

  • Java
  • Python
  • Golang

You can also always access the DirectConnect API using a command-line FTP/HTTP data transfer tool such as curl to access OTX threat intelligence information. For example:

curl -H

"X-OTX-API-KEY a5bb241cd31fc1db69fcf0fd611161606061b9445e3758fd3e71d50e6477e12a"

You can access the DirectConnect SDK from two different locations:

  • The DirectConnect API page, accessed when you select the API menu option from the OTX Home page.
  • The OTX Settings page, accessed when you click on the Settings (Settings icon ) icon from the OTX Home page.

To access the SDK from the DirectConnect API page

1. On the DirectConnect API page, scroll down and click one of the three labels: Java SDK, Python SDK, or Golang SDK.

OTX DirectConnect API web page

2. The OTX user interface directs you to the Alien Labs SDK documentation page on GitHub for the specific language option you selected, for example, the OTX-Python-SDK resource page.


OTX Python-SDK resource page

To access the Direct API SDK from the Settings Page

1. From the OTX user interface Home page, click on the Settings ( ) icon and choose the Settings menu option.

2. In the OTX key section of the page, click the Use the OTX API SDK link.

3. The OTX user interface directs you to the Alien Labs SDK documentation page on GitHub which provides various support reference links for each of the different languages that are supported for the API.

4. Choose whatever hyperlink options you want to view, to help you install and use the OTX SDK, for whatever language you want to use.

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