Introducing AT&T USM Anywhere Advisors

June 2, 2021  |  Jeff Otchis

As environments evolve and cybercriminals become more sophisticated, threat detection and response is becoming increasingly complex. While some organizations are turning to a fully managed detection and response solution, many others with established internal security teams are looking for additional support and expert guidance, while still keeping their program in-house. Our new service, AT&T USM Anywhere Advisors, is the middle-ground solution customers are looking for.

USM Anywhere Advisors

By combining USM Anywhere, our industry-leading threat detection and response solution, with AT&T USM Anywhere Advisors, companies gain centralized visibility into their entire environment and reactive security support from our expert AT&T Cybersecurity Consultants when additional assistance is needed.

Basically, AT&T USM Anywhere Advisors serve as an extension of your in-house staff, providing reactive security support and helping with day-to-day operations while allowing your security team to learn industry best practices and the latest techniques for threat detection and incident response from our cybersecurity experts. The AT&T USM Anywhere Advisors’ reactive incident response services help to identify and triage potential security incidents within your environment. Based on their security expertise, the team evaluates your environment for signs of suspicious activity that have been missed by existing security controls and that could potentially impact confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your environment. When an incident occurs, the team is available to help investigate and deliver an analysis of findings and recommendations for remediation or further investigation.

This solution allows you to maintain control of your environment, while gaining a comprehensive security platform for threat detection and response and support for your staff from a team of cybersecurity experts, without having to onboard multiple tools or new employees. With this service, we can help take some of the burden off your existing security team without the cost and complexity of bringing on additional staff.

How does it work?

AT&T USM Anywhere Advisors work with your internal team to help improve your security posture and help you get the most out of USM Anywhere. The reactive support is available for a pre-defined set of hours each month, ranging from 4-40 hours. When support is needed, your team can call or send an email to engage the team. The hours can be used to help with a range of security operation activities from platform tuning to incident investigation and response. Platform onboarding and tuning includes general tuning, sensor deployment, enabling asset discovery, AlienApp configuration, and more. During an investigation, the USM Anywhere Advisors will investigate your environment for indicators of compromise to determine if rogue users or malicious actors have gained a foothold in your environment.

The team will begin each investigation by evaluating all actionable alarms and events in USM Anywhere and creating a specific hypothesis. If all of the required information is not available, they will work with your team to identify any additional systems, applications, and networks to include in the scope of the investigation. The team will utilize the Investigations feature in USM Anywhere to track all investigative activities, including initial detection and response, data collection, data analysis, and impact analysis and reporting.

Gain a trusted advisor

Our USM Anywhere Advisors team consists of highly trained AT&T Cybersecurity Consultants with over 90 industry-recognized security certifications among them. AT&T Cybersecurity Consulting has a heritage of delivering quality technology and business consulting to companies of all sizes and across industries. Based on their experience, these consultants deliver a vast catalog of services, including strategic planning, architecture and design, and integration and optimization to provide the best possible support for your security team. This team can help with your day-to-day security operations, lightening the burden of your existing security team without having to hire additional resources.

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