Customers get a 24X7 Security Operations Team with GoGrid & AlienVault

December 11, 2014  |  Andy Nester

Want somebody else to worry about information security for your small or mid-sized business? If you don’t have a crack team of security experts, it might be the best idea, especially with intensifying threats. Instead of having your own people monitor and analyze security alerts 24X7, you can rely on GoGrid’s Managed Security Service and simply be alerted by email, text or phone when there is an actual security incident. In addition, you can get compliance reports for PCI and HIPAA.

It’s simple: specialization is the name-of-the game, and most mid-sized businesses lack the resources and skills to effectively manage information security. The whole point of managed security services is to allow you to focus on your core competencies, rather than information security. In addition, information security is getting more and more complicated, and it’s very difficult for IT generalists to keep up.

GoGrid specializes in multi-cloud solutions, and has over 15,000 customers and over 600,000 VMs deployed. This new managed security offering is specifically designed for small and mid-sized businesses. We use AlienVault Unified Security Management (USM) as a platform to deliver 24/7 monitoring, incident and breach alerting and response. We differ from other offerings, such as low-cost perimeter security, by providing full threat detection and resolution services. Of key importance: GoGrid allows customers to retain full control of their data and infrastructure, rather than having to hand over total control to a 3rd party, no matter what cloud they use or even on-premise.

At GoGrid, we know first-hand how valuable AlienVault USM really is because we’ve been monitoring and securing our own network and infrastructure, and have deep experience with the technology. AlienVault USM helps GoGrid engineers determine which threats are critical to systems, and provides the actionable information that is required for remediation.

GoGrid’s expertise combined with AlienVault USM provides a complete solution at an attractive price point especially for the underserved mid-market. In addition, with PCI 3.0 becoming mandatory in January, the compliance reporting provided with this service is becoming more and more valuable. PCI compliance is required for companies that do ecommerce transactions or work with credit card data. On top of avoiding fines from payment card providers and regulatory agencies, PCI compliant companies are less likely to experience security issues, since they have invested and focused on key security capabilities required to attain the compliant status.

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