6 Questions to Help you Plan for Integrating Cyber Threat Intelligence

February 18, 2015 | Sharla Elizalde

Over the last several years, we have seen that attackers are innovating much faster than defenders are. This trend is steering many companies to look towards cyber threat intelligence (CTI) to help them navigate today’s threatening landscape. SANS conducted a survey this year to explore who is using cyber threat intelligence and how they are using it. The survey collected responses from 326 IT professionals working in a variety of industries, in all sizes and from many different regions. 69% of the respondents reported implementing CTI to some extent, with only 16% planning not to pursue CTI in their environments. Which side of this percentage do you fall into?

The infographic below provides some of the key questions to ask when getting started with threat intelligence, along with data from the SANS survey to show you how others are using threat intelligence. You can download the SANS Cyber Threat Intelligence survey report for more details and context into these results.

SANS Cyber Threat Intelligence Survey

Sharla Elizalde

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