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March 5, 2008 | Dominique Karg

I wanted to point you at two things I think that are important, things that we’ve been neglecting in the past months.

  1. IRC Channel: we’ve ignored this way of communication for quite some time but enough of that, I added a “fire up BitchX” postit on my desk so from now on I’ll spend as much time there as I can, and hopefully other ossim users / developers too. See you at, channel #ossim
  2. Bug tracking mechanism: honestly, I never liked the one provided by so I followed a suggestion from a friendly guy at #ossim and installed FlySpray as a bug tracking system. Check it out at [no longer available] (Need to add the virtualhost for :blush: ).

So, if you’ve got bugs or suggestions for ossim, please start posting them there. And if you just want to hang out with us join on the IRC nchannel.

During the next days I’ll post an update on currenct development, we’re working on some exciting features right now :wink:

Dominique Karg

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