Plugin Tree && Graph installer update

November 26, 2007 | Dominique Karg

I thought I’d post a plugin tree I just hacked together here. It uses a javascript library and could be useful to someone.
I’m not posting the complete tree here since the page is about 1MB big.

As a little extra, below is some sample output from the graph package installer. Pablo’s almost done with it 😊

Changing working dir to /tmp/swf_plugins.kUgtCe15592

Loading files… 

Template file:

Source file: top_nets.php

Extracting files… 



Checking PHP sintaxis (with lint [ see php -l ])

No syntax errors detected in etc/ossim/framework/panel/swf_plugin_templates/

No syntax errors detected in usr/share/ossim/www/graphs/top_nets.php

PHP sintaxis Ok!

Checking template format: etc/ossim/framework/panel/swf_plugin_templates/

Name Ok!

Homepage Ok!

Description Ok!

Category Ok!

Revision Ok!

Parameters Ok!

Detected pair of Parameters Ok!

The template format looks good.


Checking for older revision of Top C&A nets rev:1

Detected posible older revision in /etc/ossim/framework/panel/swf_plugin_templates/

Local Name: Top C&A nets

The plugin Top C&A nets is already installed. Checking Revision Number

1 x 0

Upgrading Top C&A nets rev:0 to rev:1

Changing working directory to /



top_nets.tgz Installed ok!

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