Got a Question for the labs guys? Come Heckle us at RSA Booth 717 and Bsides

February 25, 2012 | Conrad Constantine

So once  again, the time to drink from the firehouse is upon us: RSA Conference 2012 and BSides San Francisco are a few short days away. This year is looking like it will be an event on monstrous proportions: 2011 was an exceptionally busy year for things of significance in the Infosec world and there’s no shortage of hot topics to discuss this year.

Alienvault will be at Booth 717 this year, demonstrating out commitment to open community and open source again. We’re all insanely excited to be launching Open Threat Exchange and we’d love to hear your thoughts and anecdotes about your experiences with data sharing in the field. Even if you don’t have an OSSIM deployment, but you’re interested in possible collaboration, come chat with us.

Once again, we’re a BSides sponsor this year (and I’m a staff volunteer for it):  We love BSides because it gives the people without an established reputation a chance to share their experiences from working on the front lines of Infosec - this is where innovation in the field happens - by solving real problems, not serving market sectors.

On thursday I (Conrad) will be talking on the RSA Briefings Track, about the values of open security intel and exchange, even with your competitors, as perhaps the only viable way we can raise the stakes in the economics of exploitation and make life easier for ourselves - addressing the issue that many organizations are still ‘beneath the security poverty line’ and how that weakens security for all of us.

So come on by and find us at one of these two locations: Most of us will be wearing swanky new Alienvault shirts so we should be easy to spot in a crowd. We’re looking forward to a chance to chat.

Conrad Constantine

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