Stephan Chenette

Stephan Chenette


Stephan Chenette is the CEO and founder of AttackIQ, Inc. The company’s mission is to challenge the existing security landscape and enable organizations to measure the resiliency and efficacy of their security posture, gain better visibility into their full IT security infrastructure and make better data-driven security decisions. To learn more visit:


Stephan brings over 20 years of cybersecurity experience to AttackIQ and joined the company from IOActive where he was the director of research for the company. Prior to that, he was the head of Websense Security Labs and a security research engineer at eEye Digital Security.


AttackIQ recently announced its GameOn! Security Challenge, which is an open call for both seasoned and aspiring security professionals to develop real-world scenarios – python packages that mimic real world techniques – for automated attack and validation testing. This is an opportunity to help make organizations around the world be more secure by learning and extending a powerful enterprise development platform for automation and orchestration around security testing. To find out more about the Challenge and how you can participate read the blog, AttackIQ Announces GameOn! Security Challenge.

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