SecTor 2020, Canada’s Biggest Cybersecurity Event: Day Two

November 9, 2020 | Kim Crawley
Kim Crawley

Kim Crawley

Kim Crawley spent years working in general tier two consumer tech support, most of which as a representative of Windstream, a secondary American ISP. Malware related tickets intrigued her, and her knowledge grew from fixing malware problems on thousands of client PCs. Her curiosity led her to research malware as a hobby, which grew into an interest in all things information security related. By 2011, she was already ghostwriting study material for the InfoSec Institute’s CISSP and CEH certification exam preparation programs. Ever since, she’s contributed articles on a variety of information security topics to CIO, CSO, Computerworld, SC Magazine, and 2600 Magazine. Her first solo developed PC game, Hackers Versus Banksters, had a successful Kickstarter and was featured at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival in May 2016. This October, she gave her first talk at an infosec convention, a penetration testing presentation at BSides Toronto. She considers her sociological and psychological perspective on infosec to be her trademark. Given the rapid growth of social engineering vulnerabilities, always considering the human element is vital.

April 4, 2017 | Kim Crawley

Attackers Shifting to CNP Exploits as EMV is Implemented for Credit Cards

Sometimes cybersecurity trends are counterintuitive. Credit and debit cards that use integrated circuit chips, EMV technology, were designed to be less vulnerable to fraud than the previous magnetic stripe only standard. But as more and more of us have EMV cards in our wallets, credit card fraud appears to be on the rise. EMV is an acronym for Europay, MasterCard,…

February 15, 2017 | Kim Crawley

Are Windows Registry Fixers Safe?

Before I got into cybersecurity, I spent years as a technical support agent for Windows end users of Windstream, an American ISP. Although Windstream is an ISP, they also offered a general Windows client OS remote support service for their predominantly rural customers. Many of my malware-related tickets were to fix problems caused by users who installed Trojans. A lot…

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January 4, 2017 | Kim Crawley

UX Design: An Overlooked Aspect of Endpoint Security

People in information security know to heed the advice of Bruce Schneier. What we often forget to do, however, is heed the advice of Don Norman, who is considered to be the father of User Experience design. In fact, when Apple hired Norman in 1993 as an Apple Fellow and User Experience Architect he was probably the first person ever to…