PGP Encryption Software: What is it and How Does it Work?

January 24, 2019 | CryptoCypher


CryptoCypher is an aspiring I.T. Security professional. As of now, he is an undergraduate, intern, privacy advocate, and a passionate security enthusiast. As a side project, he is currently writing a book about applying operational security to online identities. Follow him on Twitter

January 24, 2019 | CryptoCypher

PGP Encryption Software: What is it and How Does it Work?

If you don’t already know what Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) is; you may have heard of PGP before, perhaps during a discussion on how to secure your communications, or perhaps in one of those how-to maintain privacy guides. PGP is a popular solution for encrypting, decrypting, signing, and verifying messages and files, often found in email communications and…

February 1, 2018 | CryptoCypher

Mitigating Blockchain Analysis: Mixing Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Analysis Cryptocurrency is a digital currency, and it comes in many forms, built upon varying Blockchain technologies. Bitcoin is the original cryptocurrency, created in 2009 by cypherpunk Satoshi Nakamoto. Since then, many new alternative cryptocurrencies have been created, popular alternatives are Litecoin, Ethereum, and Monero. Samuel Falkon had it right when he said that “cryptocurrencies are a dream…

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December 20, 2017 | CryptoCypher

Building Personal Brand: From One InfoSec Student to Another

Finding employment opportunities as a student is challenging, this is no new fact. Students are consistently facing troubles with seeking internships and co-op opportunities. I myself am a student, and I have found a solution that has been seemingly effective for career development thus far: personal branding. Personal branding helps students compensate for the work experience that we just haven…

July 24, 2017 | CryptoCypher

Managing Pseudonyms with Compartmentalization: Identity Management of Personas

The Need for Identity Management “Everything is circumstantial,” this saying is especially applicable to the creation of every individual persona that we make. When there is something that we would like to achieve, we may create a persona specifically tailored to the requirements needed to accomplish said goal, as simple or complex as the goal may be. Fabricating…