Top Cybersecurity trends & predictions for 2020

December 17, 2019 | Chuck Brooks
Chuck Brooks

Chuck Brooks

Chuck Brooks is a globally recognized thought leader and evangelist for Cybersecurity and Emerging Technologies. LinkedIn named Chuck as one of “The Top 5 Tech People to Follow on LinkedIn”. He was named by Thompson Reuters as a “Top 50 Global Influencer in Risk, Compliance,” and by IFSEC as the “#2 Global Cybersecurity Influencer” in 2018. He is also a Cybersecurity Expert for “The Network” at the Washington Post, Visiting Editor at Homeland Security Today, and a Contributor to FORBES.

July 13, 2016 | Chuck Brooks

Embracing Global Public/Private Cybersecurity Alliances

In an increasingly connected world, threats of cyber-attacks are growing in complexity and volume. As we have discovered in the past few years, much of the global critical infrastructure is using aging legacy systems and is largely unprotected against sophisticated breaches. The world’s critical infrastructure, that includes the health, financial, commerce, and transportation sectors, needs better cybersecurity protection. …

June 15, 2016 | Chuck Brooks

The Rise of the Chief Data Officer

The volume of data available to and collected by the public and private sectors has exponentially grown in each subsequent year. Industry has reacted to the rapid proliferation of information being generated and shared across verticals and with customers. Data has become such an essential component to many companies that a new strategic role of Chief Data Officer (CDO) has…

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June 9, 2016 | Chuck Brooks

Digital Convergence and Cybersecurity

We live in a world of digital convergence. Our banking accounts, credit cards, and financial daily activities are interconnected. Our interpersonal communications are more often than not via smartphones at social media apps. Our records, including personal medical histories, are all digitized and shared. We now conduct our daily lives in a world of algorithms. Because of this expanding interconnectivity…